About Me

California-born and Florida-grown, I'm currently in Georgia at Mercer University as a Stamps scholar. 

With interest and ambition in all things journalism, acting, and creative writing, it's clear that at the core of everything is a love for story.

My first (and forever) love is for writing and reading, and with over 26,700 followers, I run one of Tumblr's most prominent YA fiction/writing blogs (annabethisterrified.tumblr.com). I plan to complete a major in creative writing. I received the Sidney Lanier Creative Writing scholar distinction, and attended the Madcaps Aspiring Writers conference with Kiersten White and Julie Murphy, among others.

Acting, singing, and all things theater/film have been a big part of who I am since fourth grade. I've been lucky enough to train under some fantastically accomplished directors and actors, and performed in venues all across central Florida, in addition to some local commercials and short films. I'm proud to be a member of Mercer Singers and the Mercer Bearitones.

My second major in college is journalism. I've anchored on every one of my school's daily news shows, and was the lead anchor and news director for my high school's show, WROR-TV. I earned awards at the national, state, and county level for my onscreen and offscreen work telling relevant stories regarding my community and country. With expertise in everything from reporting to editing, I am well versed in any role in a news room, and hope to pursue broadcast (and all other outlets) of journalism and media.